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New group starts 16.03.2020. Limited places available. 

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12-week program

STARTS 16.03.2020

  1. 16.03.2020

Gustav Gym offers a unique 12-week program providing you with professional support in training, nutrition and lifestyle. Together with the other participants you work towards your personal goal with a customized program.Through general lifestyle adjustments and a consistent workout we guarantee progress.

Workout program

By participating in the 12 week program you will have an assessment, a customized training and follow up. You are able to join the exclusive Gustav’12 classes that are here to complement your training sessions.

goal oriented personal training plans

With the Gustav 12 program you will get followed-up personalized schedules that are based on your goals.

personal nutrition schedule

To work results-oriented, nutrition is essential, especially during the 12 week program. Our nutrition coach will set up a personalized nutrition schedule.

coaching by personal trainers

During the Gustav12 you will only be guided by personal trainers who are screened and selected by us. With our knowledge and skills we will help you make the healthy lifestyle choices.

A permanent nutritionist

At Gustav’12 you will get access to knowledge and skills of our in-house nutritionists. They will help you making the best choices about nutrition in daily life.

Small Group Personal Training sessions

During the 12 week program you will train with your personal trainer in a group not bigger than 6 clients per training. Each client will finish off his or her personalized training schedule, under supervision of the trainer.

Gustav'12 ADVANCED

The first 12 weeks is the most challenging. It will get you into a rhythm, in shape and into a healthy lifestyle. To keep motivated, supported and above all working on your goal we offer the Gustav 12 for continuing participants. Additional handbooks, tips and tricks are bundled in with more expert like training advice, nutritional guidance, building on the basics will allow you to keep pushing to your full potential.


At Gustav’12 you will get access to a start up guide and follow up guidebooks for more advanced participants. A nutritionist is on staff for any supplementary needs at an additional cost.

Gustav 12 Summary

  • Three workout plans; per 4 weeks
  • Two times a week small group training

No time for planning meals? Get your meals with MUNCH calorie and macro oriented and micro nutrient to your goals.


Questions about Gustav '12?

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