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12-week program

STARTS 01.11.2018

Gustav Gym offers a unique ‘12-week program’ providing you with professional support in training, nutrition and lifestyle. Together with the other participants you work towards your own personal goal. You will get a permanent Personal Trainer, a nutritionist, nutrition seminars and a coach, who will be there for you 24 hours a day. This way we can guarantee the results you want!

24/7 online coaching

By participating in the ‘12-week program’ you will have 24/7 access to personal guidance from the trainer and nutritionist at Gustav Gym.

goal oriented personal training plans

With the Gustav 12 program you will get followed-up personalized schedules that are based on your goals.

personal nutrition schedule

To work results-oriented, nutrition is essential, especially during the 12 week program. Our nutrition coach will set up a personalized nutrition schedule.

coaching by personal trainers

At Gustav’12 you will only be guided by certified personal trainers who are screened and selected by us. With our knowledge and skills we will make you more aware in making lifestyle-oriented choices within 12 weeks.

A permanent nutritionist

At Gustav’12 you will get access to knowledge and skills of our in-house nutritionists. They will help you making the best choices about nutrition in daily life.

Small Group Personal Training sessions

During the 12 week program you will train with your personal trainer in a group not bigger than 6 clients per training. Each client will finish off his or her personalized training schedule, under supervision of the trainer.

Training and nutrition seminars

By taking part of the Gustav’12 program you will get access to training and nutrition seminars. Here will current topics around training and nutrition be discussed.

Handbook with tips and tricks

All theory, tips and tricks are bundled in a manual in which you can find the most important basic subjects about training and nutrition.

The options

Program 1: 12 weeks Fat-loss Program (maximum of 10 participants)
Program 2: 12 weeks Muscle-gain Program (maximum 10 participants)

The ‘12-week program’ is accessible to a group of up to 20 participants, giving each participant the right amount of attention and guidance.

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